Jason's mask vol. 8

Jason Little vs. PETDuo

Record label
Jason's Mask
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 7th 2009


A1Our FutureJason Little4:57
A2The LawyerJason Little vs. PETDuo5:03
B1Scream if u canJason Little vs. PETDuo4:48
B2Scream if u can Jason Little vs. PETDuo remix Rob Stalker5:02

Germany's Jason Little drops a sick collab with PET Duo from Brasil on his Jason's Mask label! The PET Duo are on a roll with their massive releases on the CAUSE label and this is yet another devastating piece of vinyl for the hard techno massive!! The flip holds a ROB STALKER remix. Rob just delivered a very good first new release on his DESTRUCTION records.. Not to be missed!!