What The Darkness Proposes


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 10th 2020


A1Flying Heads
A2Philosophers Balloon
B1Origin Of Life
B2Psycodelic Electric
C1Reef Radio
C2Philosophers Balloon Part 2
D1Modernism - The Short Course
D2Reflections After A Dry Spell

Goldwave is an international project that comes together from time to time for testing out the common musical interests of each other. This sessions started very successful with an immense creative output. It's time to present the best results so far the first time on a record. It all started in very small studio at the the darkest hours of the day somewhere in nowhere. After the first session the guys went into a little bar and started another session. A liquid one. Well... it went to liquid with very much restrictions of state of mind so they decided or were forced to go out for a little walk. The fresh air helped a lot and they went on top of a little mountain. From there they could see the sun coming up and the life in the valley awakening. The waves of the sunlight seemed golden - Goldwave. That's why. The music joins this feeling of life in a very positive way with the mood of the producers that time and is even if it's made in the darkest hours not at all to be called dark. Enjoy that trip into the light on the waves of gold. Whenever they'll come together for the next session Goldwave will reach you again!