The Persuasion Channel

Diego Hostettler

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 10th 2020


A1Instant Reality
A2Dance Of The Blue Atoms
A3The Multiplication Table
B1Outer And Interaction
B2Most Transient Indefinitely
C1The Child Within
D1Theme Stream
D2Go See The World

The Persuasion Channel - Being exposed to the media's efforts to manipulate us day by day, we constantly lose control of our liberal opinion-forming. In this connection the television as "Persuasion Channel" plays a significant role: "Call us immediately... only a few copies left... this unique offer... exclusively for our best clients... recommended by experts... xy has changed my life... therefore I can really give advice to all of you..." Or more subtly in terms of deliberately chosen dialectics belonging to a reporting, that comes objective at first sight. Even listening to "The Persuasion Channel" the very first time, it appears musically more mature, less aggressive, more feelingly but not less energetic than Diego's last-year debut album "Mouth full of fresh cut flowers". A retry to fill functional Techno with contents that surpass pure drum-programming and thereby provide an alternative to the doctrine of the simple Loop-Techno.