Crome (Remixes II)

Offshore Funk

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 10th 2020


A1Offshoot (Discoabstechermix Von Peter Kruder)
A2Offshoot (Darf´s Ein Bisschen Darker Sein Mix Von Peter Kruder)
B1Mega Bit Me (Ian O'Brien Remix)

ffshore Funk "Crome Remixes II" by Peter Kruder and Ian O'Brien! Pete Kruder of G-Stone opens the second volume of Crome Remixes with two versions of "Offshoot" on the A-side. Peter put together an Offshore Funk-Remix-Band with his Vienna buddies for "Offshoot - Discoabstechermix", creating a combo techno fusion with drums by Chris "Promskibeat" Prommer, keys by Roberto di Gioia and bass by Bobby Pleasure. The second "Offshoot - Darf's ein bisschen Darker sein Mix" comes as Peter s electronic grooving solo re-mix. The B-side contains the "Mega bit me - Ian O'Brien Mix" from the Offshore Funk album "Crome". Where other re-mixers gave up trying, only Ian (and the Spirit Catcher, with their "Way Of Life Mix") had the "je ne sais qoui" to handle and work with the complex harmonics of "Mega bit me".