Feeding The Chaos [label sleeve]

Sugar / Repro / Schacke / Rune Bagge

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 3rd 2019


A1Fast ForwardSugar6:33
A2Believe In CreditRepro6:42
B1Trained To The FloorSchacke6:54
B2How You Want ItRune Bagge7:27

"It was the beginning of 2016, I remember going down the stairs of that foggy Kreuzkolln basement. The floor was packed, the walls were sweaty, the air was so dense that you couldn't use a lighter. The vibe, I guess it can only be described as pure Herrensauna. I looked to the DJ booth and I saw this guy playing with records, in a heavy punk attitude, some 140 bpm (at least) dark tribal techno which I thought I was never gonna listen in a club. -Who is he?- I asked a friend, who was fully trapped in that pounding rhythm - I don't know some guys from Denmark - he replied, showing me with his body language that I should stop talking and enjoy the show. And so I did. It didn't take me long to find out that this guy at the controls was known as Sugar but his name was Nikolaj. Neither that he was one of the founders of, what was going to be, one of the most influential collectives in the techno scene just a couple of years after that. Nor that these guys do this with the heart and that's why they are authentic. Proudly presenting Fast Forward. From Copenhagen, with love." KAOS is a subdivision from OAKS Compiled and selected by Hector Oaks.