Alter Echo & E3 Meet Headland & Diggory Kenrick: Temple Duel 10"

Headland / Diggory Kenrick / Alter Echo / E3

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 1st 2019


A1Temple DuelAlter Echo & E3 & Headland & Diggory Kenrick
B1Temple DubAlter Echo & E3 & Headland & Diggory Kenrick

Kenrick s signature sound is haunting and richly melodic, phased and distorted, lending an ancient-to-the-future vibe to everything he touches, whether rootical collaborations or left-field version excursions. Alter Echo & E3 and Headland had been wanting to collaborate for some time, and Kenrick s high-plains-meets-far-east vibes seemed the perfect opportunity to build something truly unique.