Rekord 61 / Phon.O

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 15th 2013


A1KaskadRekord 618:39
B1KaskadRekord 61 remix Phon.O5:36
B2ProstorRekord 616:21

Kaskad EP - The inspiration for this work was the idea of monumental art, technical aesthetics of giant industrial structures, created in the middle of the last century. Phon.o created an amazing remix. He left massiveness, reworked many elements and all wrapped in a beautiful 'theatrical' shell - that's how Phon.o described his idea. The second track on side B - Prostor. This work is full of energy and impetuosity, the sensations that can occur in a completely open space, when a man, like a wind, fully unlimited.