Miss Beauty EP

Raul Mezcolanza & Bob D

Record label
Lacktik Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 1st 2009


A1MadameRaul Mezcolanza & Bob D
B1BoogieRaul Mezcolanza
B2FmaoBob D

Superb fifth release on Raul Mezcolanza's Lactik imprint see him and cohort Bob D deliver a wicked release. The A side is a collaboration between the two artists and is a strong tribal track 'Madame' complete with African vocals that will send the crowd wild. Flip for Raul on his own with 'Boogie' the clue is in the title, does exactly what it says on the tin. Bob D on his own for the last track with 'Fmao' another percussive belter that will go in all the big players boxes. Again a great release on one of the best club techno labels in the business.