The Variable Man

Lee Van Dowski

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 30th 2009


A1The Variable Man
B1Thomas Cole Lives

French artist, Lee Van Dowski of NUM and Cadenza lowers eyes and draws lips to partial smirks with his charming and witty release. The Variable Man, based on the title of a science fiction story series from the 50s, is brilliantly transmitted through a tunnel of sound engineering and audio design by Lee Van Dowski. Lees electronic rendering of The Variable Man, distinguishes several dominant male voices accumulating a rhythmic momentum to the peak of the track, a peak where an orgasmic flow just stops short of the central explosion, fundamentally, fading the instrumentals before revamping again. The b-side of the track, Thomas Coles Lives, co-produced by Agnes, comes alive with a fascinating mix of symbols and keyboards. The Variable Man is Lees second release on Leena music, after his first 12, Louder Elvis, in collaboration with Agnes appeared on Leena in 2008. Both tracks express very minimalistic tones yet are characterized by rather divergent instrumentals and beats.