Available Technology / Satura

Pyro & Phono / Atom & Tenebra & Zirash

Record label
Leet Recordings
Catalog Number
LEET 009
Release Date
September 10th 2007


A1Available TechnologyPyro & Phono
B1SaturaAtom & Tenebra & Zirash

For the lead track, Pyro and Phono step up with the highly anticipated Available Technology. A forward thinking tune with a futuristic urban-eqsue intro. It proceeds into rolling basslines and midranges, uplifting stabs and an inevitable acid build. Support and acclaim for the track has come from people such as: Corrupt Souls, Raiden, Noisia, Masheen, Lethal and Karnage, Dementia, Robot Death Squad, Kano and more. On the flipside newcomers Atom, Tenebra and Zirash collaborated to produce the track Satura. This is a heavy slice of neurofunk that's been absolutely smashing it up everywhere its played. We anticipate big things for these guys, the future starts here.