The sunlight / Chacha's Leggings

Von D

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 8th 2010


A1The sunlightVon D feat. Phephe
B1Chacha's LeggingsVon D

Subbalicious Recordings is more about sexy sounds between all the loud and noisy ones. That is why the Subbalicious team hooked up with producer Von D and singer Phephe, who you both might know from earlier works like 'Show Me' of which Skream did a remix for on Chef's label Sub Freq. Argon has also done quite a few releases from these rising stars and planned a whole album with music from both these artists early 2011. In previous years he has released tracks with Riscotheque en Kito on Skream's label Disfigured Dubs, as well as on Boka Records and Black Acre. Subbalicious has been going about for quite some time now and honestly: it has been a very long time since our first release. Looking at where the music industry is going with vinyl vs. mp3 we followed our heart and express our love for great sound by continuing to release on vinyl. Sunlight is a track that will warm you up during these cold winter and spring months and is a tune that will continue to be played in the coming summers; timeless is what it is. And sexy of course. ChaCha's Leggings is a more instrumental and bassy version of Von D sexiness. Follow the leggings everywhere, left to right, up and down.. These tracks are currently being played by: Chef, LD, Madd, Gemmy, Heny G, Riscotheque and many others.