Record label
Lessismore Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 5th 2012


A1Men In White3:09
A2F U C K4:29
A3Who Am I4:12
A4Best Of The Best3:28
B1Devils Choice4:18
B2She Is A Freak3:30
B3The Thing3:48

The Dirty Dutch! Anticlub a notorious collective from Eindhoven, the Southern capital of Holland, was inspired to push itself into a new direction. The inspiration came from a painting by an old lady that drew the attention and gave the impulse to create the album 'Freaks and Followers'. As the title suggests there are two kinds of people, people who take risks and people who do not. As Anticlub used to be a risk-taker but slowly settled in an unwanted comfort zone, this created dissatisfaction and led to a creative standstill. Seeing the painting everything became clear again. One should not stand still but keep moving and evolve oneself into new areas that one has not yet explored creatively. As Lessismore is from the same Dutch city, this state of mind also hit the Lessismore label, which inevitable resulted in both parties joining forces to release this diverse album by a former underground techno crew called Anticlub. As the Lessismore label is known for it's typically styled techno, Lessismore was searching for a new impulse sound wise and visually, to ensure creative satisfaction in the years to come. With this album everything came together and the Lessismore crew reunited to renew their input into the label, which was once founded to be a creative platform and an artistic journey and in retrospective clearly not a platform where one should repeat itself time after time. Freaks and Followers is an 8 track album with raw electronic based music combined with a variety of vocal work by different new Anticlub members. The overall feel of the album is a dark punky attitude that reminds of the good old days of Rave, which in the early nineties dominated the Dutch club and party scene. This period can be defined as being careless and not taking credibility into account, trying new things, being blunt and just partying your hart out. Being older this is a feeling that will never have to die, proved by the old lady whose painting was used as the art-work of the album release.