What Happens When You Sleep

Sam A La Bamalot

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 20th 2012


A1What Happens When You Sleep
A2Sleep Myoclonus
A3Rapid Eye Movement
B1Delta Waves
B2Pondering Questions

Lomechanik is a label and collective that has its roots in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, but works together with artists from all over the country. Since 2003 Lomechanik has been releasing quality music on vinyl, CD and also as free download. Goal of the label is to release both experimental electronical music for (home) listening purposes, as well as more dancefloor- and beat-oriented music. This way, a broad array of musical subgenres is represented in the Lomechanik catalogue, whilst retaining a well-defined and unique character in the musical landscape of today. Now, Lomechanik is also doing more releases on vinyl again - just because we feel the time is right for it. The artwork for the releases is done by manual silk screen printing, and the series will be visually clearly recognizable. The 20th of January 2012 we will release our next vinyl: What Happens When You Sleep by Sam A La Bamalot. (Lomek020) Sam A La Bamalot (real name: Sam Verstraten) is a young Dutch producer. Armed with a MPC1000, a MicroKorg and a Kaosspad he shapes futuristic walls of sound, combined with backbreaking wonky drums and mindboggling vocals that flow stereoscopically from left to right. An excellent addition to the blooming beat scene of this current day and age. Sam A La Bamalot recently released his first banging 10inch vinyl release on the French label Faces Records, entitled 'A Bird's Leg'. This release has been picked up by various DJ's on BBC Radio 1, and has graced the shows of Gilles Peterson, Benji B and DJ Lefto. Coming january 2012, Sam A La Bamalot will release his first 12inch on Lomechanik: 'What Happens When You Sleep'. The EP clearly reflects his progress as an artist: within the space of five tracks an intruiging range of tempo's, musical structures and sounds is explored by Sam A La Bamalot, clearly showing his ability to tell a complex, exciting story with his music. Rendering his dreams into a eclectic musical form, the vibes are reminiscent of the greatest works of Dimlite, Flying Lotus and Eskmo.