Memento EP [full colour sleeve]


Record label
Lykos Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 17th 2020


A2Bionic HarpNess5:33
B1System FailureNess6:20
B2Bionic HarpNess remix Deepbass6:51

The label has the honor to welcome in its ranks the one who could be compared to a centurion, the greatest in charge in the Roman Army. With more than a decade of experience behind him and which has dictated the aesthetic canons of a genre, Lykos Records presents Ness and his EP "Memento". In this sonic adventure Ness delves into the most hidden and dark ravines of memory. In a succession of allegorical scenes, dystopian premonitions and powerful evocative sounds "Memento", focuses his attention on memory and how much it is fundamental, both as a psychic function of assimilation, as well as for processing data in order to learning. The EP opens with the track that gives the name to the work "Memento", which immediately wraps the listener with the deep bass sound and through a wise use of the pads and synths kidnaps his mind. When body and mind have reached the perfect union, "Bionic Harp" comes into, breaking these balances, with the body undergoes through a pressing groove and the psyche intent on the perception of a harp melody, which echoing far away like a vague foggy memory. The B-side begins with a Utopian and almost catastrophic vision that "System Failure" paints, through scratching and repetitive sounds, alarming and catapulting the listener into a dark and distressful nightmare. To conclude and restore calm in this comings and goings of dreams and memories, Deepbass's adaptation of "Bionic Harp", which highlights the dreamlike atmospheres, creating a sound landscape rich of air and light. - Homo Homini Lupus -