Subtle Changes


Record label
Mechanisms Industries
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 20th 2017


B1Medium Term

Obscurum is a two man outfit based in Fuerth, Germany. Formed by Roland L. and D. Blaze, who have collaborated musically together since 1995. They also own the following labels: E-Com, Exalt and Seico Corp. Known for their preference for minimal Detroit Techno music, they command international credibility. Dark electronics and pumpin techno with an industrial tinge. Several releases on E-Com/Exalt/Seico Corp. unite their typical style of production which puts the mechanical part of their music in the front row. Functionality without any compromise. Mission Statement: In the Tape Studio, one of the most essential processes is the combination of one sound with another, or with many others to produce a new, composite sound. This process known as additive synthesis, is made possible from a digital and analog source. This process can have two results: (1) a single, more complex output in which the various input signals have lost their individual identities while creating a new sound (more or less analogous to the blending of colors); or (2) a texture with various individual components occurring simultaneously but distinctively. Since 1996, the Mechanisms Industries Tape Studio has been guided by composer Fanon Flowers and several anonymous associates.