Toxic Beats Vol. 1

Greg Notill vs. Richie Gee

Record label
Madhouse Recordings
Catalog Number
MAD 001
Release Date
January 21st 2008


A1DevastationGreg Notill
A2Groovy Old SkoolGreg Notill
B1Industrializing MeRichie Gee
B2Old Skool FlavorRichie Gee

Madhouse is the new and long awaited label kick started by Richie Gee from Spain. As one of the initiator of the Lost Frequency events in Spain (Barcelona) Richie can be considered as a serious driving force of todays Spanish techno scene! With a growing interest and popularity for this cutting edge movement - Richie sets up a serious label with some proper productions in the pipeline! Greg Notill teams up for with Richie for the Madhouse debut - and there is no where to hide from their dark fury!