Mental Disorder 007

Reeko & Gennaro le Fosse

Record label
Mental Disorder
Catalog Number
MD 07
Release Date
April 30th 2007


A1UntitledReeko & Gennaro le Fosse
B1UntitledReeko & Gennaro le Fosse

Reeko strikes back with his Spanish full-blood techno platform Mental Disorder. The label featured some stunning off-beat / techno production by artists like Oscar Mulero, Grovskopa, Archae and Reeko himself. For Mental Volume 7 Spain connect with New York city! Reeko teams up with Gennaro Le Fosse. NYC based techno producer / DJ, Gennaro has been in the techno scene since it first emerged in New York in the early 90s. At that time he was a resident performer at Limelight NYC together with Jeff Mills! Well, you know what to expect and this one is worth every last penny!