Record label
Mental Disorder
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 18th 2013



With a title such as Passage17, we can rest assured that Reeko wants to take us somewhere, into the depths of something. He wants us to know this long road is rife with a variety of sensations, but more than anything this new release is a journey into something more important that is yet to come. If we want to get there, we must first travel this road. 'Passage17.1' lets darkness and atmos take the centre stage, as is customary for this producer. As we proceed in to the track we discover a subtle but hypnotic melody that shapes it and gives it great force. Perfect for the dance floor! 'Passage17.2' is a display of organic sounds and rhythm where a powerful bass line dominates our own heartbeats. There are no hard kicks, although we don't miss them; all those in attendance at the floor are on their toes, hoping to find out what comes next. Hypnotic, mental and with a fiery soul, this track makes you face this journey with mounting interest. 'Passage17.3' brings back a vigorous kick and keeps curiosity up with whips and organic sounds expertly arranged, as well as filters that open and close, and accentuate this piece's rhythm. With 'Passage17.4' we reach our destination: a place where dreams come true. A powerful but intermittent melody that guides our steps with the help of relaxing pads makes the end of our trip both intense but relaxing. Hard feat to achieve! Release number 17 of Reeko's own label Mental Disorder sets out the way this producer and his label are going to follow. We've always had plenty of mystery from MD, but now they want you to go ever deeper into uncharted territory.