Forgotten Stories Archives [180 grams / Incl. Flexidisc & DL Cards]

Giorgio Gigli

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 18th 2018


A1Drab LightnessGiorgio Gigli4:15
A2OST from Forgotten Stories ArchivesGiorgio Gigli4:39
A3Cognitive ArchitectureGiorgio Gigli8:43
B1Drab LightnessGiorgio Gigli remix Sight Below8:16
B2Cognitive ArchitectureGiorgio Gigli remix Acronym9:38
C2Land Of Nowhere [Flexidisc]Giorgio Gigli3:40

In a post apocalyptic world, a squad of heroes fights to save what remains of humanity. A dystopian future among landscapes, desolate alien enemies and mysterious architectures; the survival of our species becomes an unexpected return to life. Music by Giorgio Gigli with remixes from Acronym and Rafael Anton Irisarri.