Breaking The Silence [coloured vinyl & download codes]

End Train remix Oscar Mulero / VSK

Record label
Metempsychosis Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 27th 2019


A1Into The Sun's MazeEnd Train remix Oscar Mulero5:20
A2Into The Sun's MazeEnd Train7:12
B1WatersEnd Train7:20
B2WatersEnd Train remix VSK6:26

Metempsychosis Records invites you to 'Breaking The Silence', the sonic soundscapes of End Train along with remixes by Oscar Mulero and VSK. The release will be available in a transparent marbled black 12" vinyl. The package includes a printed insert, narrating the story of the Aztec god of wind, who inspired the creation of the record. Story Relentless percussions, savage rhythms and mind-expanding glitches narrate the adventure of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec feathered serpent deity of Wind and his mission to interrupt the silence on Earth with music. A long time ago music was yet a privilege of the Sun who was keeping all the musicians confined in its realm. The evolving nature of the tracks symbolizes the journey of the Wind, who, helped by the waters, reaches the Sun s land. Disoriented and lost in the Sun s maze, he accepts the challenges that his adventure presents and endures a lengthy and demanding quest to find the music. The only way to get on the right path is by feeling the sound itself. By trusting it and following the air vibrations, he finally finds the courtyard where all the musicians are playing. Despite the Sun s crying and imploring the musicians not to go, Quetzalcoatl manages to bring them all down to Earth. With their arrival, the silence in the world is suddenly broken, while sounds and music sprout everywhere as animals and humans learn how to sing and play. This story teaches us that through our perseverance and also by working with others - like the wind joins forces with the waters - we can change any condition and bring wonderful things even where they do not seem possible. It s up to each one of us to create the world we want. So abandon yourself and embrace the broken silence. Credits Into The Sun s Maze (A2) and Waters (B1) written and produced by End Train Into The Sun s Maze remix (A1 and extra digital-only remix) written and produced by Oscar Mulero Waters remix (B2) written and produced by VSK Remixed by: Oscar Mulero, VSK Mastered by: Carlos Koschitzky Pressed by: intakt! Distributed by: Triple Vision Distribution Artwork by: Hila Angelica Mazzocco Published by: Metempsychosis Records All rights reserved Voluntas Music LTD 2019, London, UK