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March 16th 2015


02Fifteen Years
03From a south place
04Old Soul Music
05Good News
06Analog Trip
07This Song is The way
08Another Way

After making his Motech debut in 2014, serving up an EP (MT-066) and taking on various remix duties, French DJ/Producer P-Ben presents his Motech Records full length debut with "Influence". The full length release has become somewhat of an enigma in the electronic music realm, replaced with quick two-track digital releases and fast release EPs. Even more enigmatic is the dynamic electronic music full length release that contains both tracks that one would play in a DJ set and actually sit down and listen to (and enjoy) said record end-to-end in their living room. P-Ben's "Influence" satisfies both of these requirements. The album eases us into the mood and casts our minds awash in electronic waves with "Introduction". "Fifteen Years There Was Bones", "Analog Trip" and "July" will satiate the electronic music aficionado as a listener, allowing us to drift away and immerse ourselves in P-Ben's production quality and mood. As the album's title implies, there are elements of "Influence" throughout this record. Odes to the Chicago deep house/classic house sound are apparent in tracks like "From a South Place", "Old Soul Music" and "Ultimate" which goes back as far as perhaps the Warehouse or even the Music Box's disco roots. Tracks such as "Good News", single "This Song is the Way", "Another Way" and "Bang" are all rhythmic and driving throwbacks to the days of full length releases such as Jeff Mills' "Waveform Transmission" series or the seminal release from Underground Resistance, "Interstellar Fugitives" in that the tracks are very listenable, yet, could easily find their way into any DJ set.