Mutual Exceptions

Yan Cook / Mays / Woo York / Exploit

Record label
Mutex Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 11th 2013


A199Yan Cook & Mays6:11
A2RZYan Cook & Mays6:09
B1GloryWoo York & Exploit6:04
B22022Woo York & Exploit6:11

Ukrainian techno: can sound as a strange mistake, but it's not! Mays started spinning back in 1998 and from that time has built his profile as one of the most respected DJs from the Eastern block. Being the resident of the famous Kazantip festival and the radio host for more than ten years, he is cited to be the techno DJ #1 in Ukraine. Yan Cook started his solo career in 2011 after a tryout period under Eigenes Rezept moniker. His recognizable sound helped him to grab attention of the international techno community in a very short period of time. Now Yan is growing even faster mixing dub techno with hard industrial sounds. Woo York is the Kievian duo performing only live techno sets using a bunch of drum-machines and controllers. They gained huge support from techno scene last year with their uncompromising and really unique sound filled with strange effects and straightforward grooves. Exploit is responsible for the vinyl breakthrough of the ukrainian sound. Back in the late 2000's his music was fast and pumping. Those were the times of his Odessa Soundfreaks project pushing the boundaries between melodic and hardgroove techno. Now when his sound has matured he discovers new horizons for his music combining deep house and detroit techno with sinister techno grooves. The Ukrainian techno heads gather all their experience and mix their visions on this unique collaborative EP. What we have got on the output is something unique called "Mutual Exceptions".