Event Horizon EP


Record label
Mutex Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 11th 2013


B1Zero Gravity5:40

This EP is a sampler of the first full length album by Exploit. Event Horizon combines punchy techno grooves and mature melodic electronic passages. Selected feedbacks. Press: DJ Mag / DJ Mag Charts, DJ Mag Germany "exploit rocks !" Patrick Selzer / Raveline "High class Techno." Davide Siri / iyezine "An exploration in the deep space of techno...and a good combination of atmospheric and hammering tracks...a great album, one of 10 techno best ones i heard this year! review will follow!" Bleed / De:Bug "considering for review" Toe / DJ Mag Germany, Mixmag Germany "nice THX" Matthias Springer / Plasmic Shape / Raveline, Diametral, Electrosound Tv, Tonreport "thx for great sounds!" Joshua Vazquez Blanco / DJ Mag Spain "Techno Classic sounds remind me of best techno days with Oliver HO, Ruskin and Surgeon..." Luis Rozalen / Clubbing Spain "really classy vibes...like a techno album should be." Federico Spadavecchia / Frequencies.eu "high quality" Franco B (Electronique.it/Dancity) / Electronique.it "great tracks !!!" DJs: Pig & Dan (Cocoon) "fat album will give some of these babies a whirl" Pascal Feos "as expected nice quality stuff by exploit, thx" Samuel L. Session "Interesting, will listen further and decide. But overall there was some grt moments" Paul Mac (Stimulus) "Nice album sounds like it will hold together as a whole as well. Utopia is the clear fav for me in terms of club play but some really nice tracks throughout this" Slam (Soma Records, Slam Radio) "will try" Jeroen Search "wow, nice one!" Samuli Kemppi / Prologue "Sounds ace, have to listen with more time.. Couple killers here." Marco Effe (Break New Soil / Cocoon Recordings / Cecille / Sci+Tec) "Departure is great!! Thanks" Kevin Arnemann (Misc) "Very strong and versatile album!" Seph (Harry Klein, Dumb Unit) "Cool album. Zero Gravity is a hit!" Invite Podcast (XT3 Techno Radio) "Utopia is dope!" Benjamin Damage "good" Thomas Hessler "Great to see an album on mutex ! what a journey into sounds ! Alexey can be really proud of this piece of music !"