Forms Of Perception EP [full colour sleeve]

Samot remix UVB

Record label
Nexe Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 29th 2019


A2Cutis AnsarinaSamot6:26
B2KinestesiaSamot remix UVB5:51

Nexe Records is back, this time featuring the debut EP from SAMOT, "Forms Of Perception". The NX1 member and label co-owner returns with his solo project delivering a vigorous record including a remix of the French producer UVB. "Petricor" opens the EP, a slow-burning broken track with electrifying synths driving powerful drums and inducing the listener in an hypnotic dance. "Cutis Ansarina" is a muscle flexing exercise, conceived for the dance floor, solid and classy, executed to perfection. On the B-side "Kinestesia" is and lightning attack against the mind, wildly acid synth and percussions strike your brain. The UVB remix of "Kinesthesia" is taken to his territory where forcefulness dwells at will, built to raze the club.