The Mob

Exium & Gayle San

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 12th 2010


A1The Mob 1
B1The Mob 2
B2First Jump

Exium brings new solid evidence that techno is not dead, although some doomsayers take a while preaching an end, techno is alive: and a lot! And evolving thanks to proposals like this "The Mob". The last reference from Nheoma (the label of the Asturians EXIUM) "The Mob" is an EP in which the strength and forcefulness of Gayle San and her sensitivity within the hardest aspects of techno are added to the technical precision and creative purity of EXIUM. After weeks of intense work, Gayle and EXIUM have completed their contributions to the three powerful themes that make up the EP: "Mob1" and "Mob2" are pure dancefloor-destroyers: no techno festival this summer will get away from these potential hits; the last cut "First Jump" gives the record a smoother end, elegant but no less intense: will be a good end also for many nights of clubbing. The result is pure techno 'from before' but as you've never heard: issues that are growing in strength and intensity but without roughness, with elements that are incorporated continuously to each track and make up three round danceable pieces from start to the end.