Worship Nothing

Hatti Vatti

Record label
New Moon Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 24th 2016


A1AeHatti Vatti
A2StruggleHatti Vatti & Sara Brylewska
A3TokyoHatti Vatti & Synkro
A472 DubHatti Vatti
A5Wonderful WorldHatti Vatti & Cian Finn
A6SopotHatti Vatti
B1SynthesisHatti Vatti
B2TreasureHatti Vatti
B3NightsHatti Vatti & Versa
B4Black FlowersHatti Vatti & Lady Katee
B5Worship NothingHatti Vatti
B61neHatti Vatti

New Moon Recordings' cornerstone artist Hatti Vatti is set to release his long-awaited debut album, entitled Worship Nothing, on 3 February 2014. Having released a string of 12"s since 2009, Hatti Vatti's sound has previously flowed seamlessly between deep dubstep and a minimal, Autonomic sound. Releases for Mindset, New Moon, On The Edge, and Absys have marked this Polish producer apart for his cinematic take on bass-driven, dub-rooted electronic music. Hatti Vatti closed 2013 with the release of Algebra, a stripped-down mini-album of Middle Eastern field recordings and ambient techno for Nowe Nagrania. Worship Nothing sees Hatti Vatti's artistic journey culminate into a single, coherent vision - a vision that is simultaneously spacious and deeply intimate. A futuristic sheen of 80's nostalgia penetrates much of Worship Nothing, even within the familiar restrained dub of "Struggle" (with Polish vocalist Sara Brylewska) and "Wonderful World" (with Irish vocalist Cian Finn). The organic synths remain In "Treasure" and "72 Dub", though the rhythms become decidedly more manic, hinting towards the feverish feel of footwork while remaining decidedly introspective. Floating, haunted vocals pervade the half-step of "Tokyo" a shimmering collaboration with Manchester producer Synkro. Also hovering around the minimal 170bpm sound are "Synthesis" and "Black Flowers", which features vocals from Lady Katee. Slowing down to a garage-tinted swing, "Nights" is yet another collaboration with a UK artist - Versa. Throughout Worship Nothing, Hatti Vatti has created an atmosphere that draws the listener deep into his own world of beautifully crafted beats, ambient textures, and sub-bass frequencies. Grab your headphones and float away...