Gothic / Termination Shock - Coloured vinyl

Engage & Receptor

Record label
Nocid Business Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 27th 2014


A1GothicEngage & Receptor4:44
B1Termination ShockEngage5:01

Hold on tight for one of the biggest Nocid Business Recordings release to date featuring two tracks of immense weight that appropriately mark the first vinyl release from the Belgian label. Initiating the EP is the ripper known as 'Gothic'; a major affair that will ignite any room with explosive energy. Featuring the two Russian masterminds known as Engage & Receptor, this track is a serious dancefloor killer that simply cannot be passed up. Engage is also at the head of the controls for the monstrous b-side entitled 'Termination Shock'. This mind-melting piece is filled with surprising switches and hellacious sound design that will leave you twisted so prepare for a full-on experience that will captivate and annihilate.