Spectrum VA 2/3 [printed sleeve]

Various Artists

Record label
On the 5th Day
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 21st 2019


C1Nylon MetalAnthony Linell7:50
C2String PlaySamuli Kemppi6:12
D2ChainVon Grall4:57

This 3-part compilation is a celebration of On The 5th Day - a project born out of love - honouring the music, moments and individuals that have helped to make it so special. What follows is a journey through the spectrum of sound On The 5th Day so proudly represents and has become renowned for, the full compilation mirroring the vision for our events: to create unforgettable flow from beginning to end - a record for each part of the night. Our love and gratitude goes to all those who have joined us along the way.