Turquoise Tundra Pt.I [printed sleeve]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 23rd 2018


A1Body Language5:29
B1The Rebis5:49
B2North State5:30

Inspired by the resounding contrast, the one that maintains the balance in between two concepts. It doesn't matter how distant they are. Leiras delivers a new excursion on this new 12", exploring the wasteland and the hostile terrains, but somehow luminous, sometimes even pleasing. Under this apparent antithesis, the first part of "Turquoise Tundra" starts in a tipping point. "Body Language" offers a mixture of the layers with arid and resonant sounds combined, in which atmospheres have also an important role, melting everything in a solid result. Direct, dry, evolutive. Convincingly basic. This is "Atalaya". A tool necessary in case you get lost in the middle of nowhere. Pure muscle definition. Continuing in the other side of the record, we discover one of the most visceral and raw exercises from Ownlife's boss. In "The Rebis", the bubbly sound of the bass, and the driving kick, make this track a defensive wall, like a scar on the terrain. A place where you can take refuge when it's necessary. In the other extreme, the pure turquoise tone gives way to the breaks and more complex structures. "North State" resumes the sings of identity that define this artist. A narrative touch that builds the bridge to the second and last part of this project... TO BE CONTINUED.