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March 24th 2014



Once again it's time for a new addiction to the Paragram family. The second Paragram's release of 2014 is in the care of Phred, a new artist we are really glad to have on board. The ep opens with the title track "Nebular", a 10 minutes excursion into the trippiest side of music. The intro builds ambience with a soft filtered pad, adding a sense of space and mystery, on top of wobbly synthesized percussions and raw drums. The long track playtime allows the artist to express all his ability to merge clever sampling fragments from old dusty records, with futuristic synthesized elements. On the flip, the jazz and soul sample-based, early 90's hip-hop influences become more present. The second track, "Harlem", begins with a processed urban field recording of a confused street conversation with a catchy break beat drum pattern on top of it, until the warm sub bass and the melancholic chords melody emerge from the arrangement. The closing track "Matic" features dark jazzy sounds as well as the other tracks in the ep, but it doesn't care much of the softer side. It's very raw, solid and punchy techno from the beginning to the end of its playtime.