Graveyard Twist / Headstone Shuffle

Code Blue & The Panacea

Record label
Position Chrome
Catalog Number
PC 061
Release Date
June 26th 2006


A1Graveyard twist
B1Headstone Shuffle

This tune is a multifaceted monster, it works well as an intro or outro as well a smasher. Graveyard Twist definitely lives up to its name with one of the hugest mix downs you’re likely to hear for a long time. The opening drum roll hits you square in the face like the gnarliest of rock songs, opening up into a no- compromise wall of distortion and then twisting into one of the most original sounds you’ll hear this year!. ‘Headstone Shuffle on the other side really shows what versatile producers Code Blue & Panacea are. A pleasure to mix that will please most DJ’s yet retaining the classic Position Chrome experimentation.