Limbered EP

Eric Sneo

Record label
Phobiq Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 18th 2014



The one and only Eric Sneo graces Phobiq for the first time with this three-track journey into sleek, chrome-plated Techno. The title track has been surgically arranged so that the cavernous percussion and spacious effects can take over the whole track with their immersing strength. The grinding drums in combination with the hypnotic, filtered riff running throughout the track kick things up a notch and ensure maximum overdrive. On "Stanch", snappy drums provide the backdrop for otherworldly hi-hats to pound away while the focus shifts to the immense rhythm section and percussive mayhem. As expected, an apocalyptic breakdown ensues and all hell proceeds to break loose. "Interleaved" picks up from there and seals the EP with classic chords that mutate over time together with more sonic manipulation, which ultimately serves as an exhibition of effortless mastery.