Studio Electronics / Solar Flare


Record label
Phunkfiction Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 13th 2012


A1Studio Electronics5:32
B1Solar Flare6:18

Reinforcing their reputation for finding fresh talent, Phunkfiction deliver some deep beats from the Brighton based Atom. Minimal, mellow and deceptively mesmerizing, the A side Studio Electronics builds steadily into a spacious offbeat tune that it is very easy to get lost within and will work on the dancefloor as well. On a similar tip is the flip Solar Flare, which differentiates itself with punchier kicks, heavier bass, and a melodic interlude. Darker and deeper. On the internets this 12' turns into an EP, with two digital only tunes too good not to share. Observation is a sparse, melodic little stepper with nice drum fills and a dubby bassline. With a sweet intro built around kick drums and bass stabs, The Plan is another stepper, albeit somewhat more insistent and heavier. Both maintain an organic, slightly melancholy vibe that gives character - character that can be felt throughout the release - making Atom an artist to keep an ear on.