Seleccion Natural parte 5 EP

Exium / Oscar Mulero / Reeko / Christian Wunsch

Record label
Catalog Number
POLE 004
Release Date
July 12th 2010


A1After ExposureExium
A2Simulated VisibilityOscar Mulero
B16 SievertReeko
B2Sacred GeometryChristian Wunsch

With our number 4 we completed the circle, releasing a Seleccion Natural gem on any of our producers' team labels. Now it's number five and we have decided to release our next works under the same flag,:POLE. For Seleccion Natural number 5 the guys keep on serving us the strongest and most precise techno you can find in the outer world. Release kicks off with Exium's 'After exposure' a peak time techno track based on fat fm basses, syncopated sequences,sizzling hats and concrete rythms, constantly evolving and hypnotising your ears and feet. Classy. Oscar Mulero delivers, 'Simulated visibility' an abstract techy number filled with sub bass frequencies, hi fi lazers and modular step sequences and 909 grooves, evolving into an atmospheric monster as the minutes go on. B side opens with Reeko in a very Axis mood: obsesive arpeggios, shuffled drums and creepy atmos are the starring here. Mind bending to the max. Cristian Wunsch's 'Sacred Geometry' end the list, again punchy drums, fm fat bass and detroitish stabs fill the spaces : once again landmark sounds for the risky dj. Keep an eye on this new project POLE is here to stay.