Record label
Catalog Number
POLE 005
Release Date
November 1st 2010


A1Mantraremix Peter van Hoesen

After four shared releases from the all stars, here comes the first individual output in our label, handcrafted by the scientist duo Exium. Mantra is an epic piece of techno, based on solid rhythm foundations, joyful synth work and rolling stabs. A complex workout that demonstrates the skill of this guys in the studio. Futuristic techno with roots in the past. Peter Van Hoesen takes the original parts of Mantra and reconstructs it his very own dubby and fat vein, sure to please those fans of the Berghain sound out there. Closing the release, Lifeform it's the trademark Exium sound, where sharpness and love to sonic details are the starring. Resume: A solid release, away from monotone affairs, made for please the ears of those who love techno in its pureness.