Oscar Mulero

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 14th 2011


A1Like A Wolf5:50
B2In A Silent Way5:40

Release number 6 from our label brings us Oscar Mulero's latest work, proof that the new sounds he's experimenting with do not constitute at all a departure from his command of the rawest side of the purest techno. Horses, Oscar Mulero's new EP, takes us back to the Mulero that the majority of the public will recognise; to the overwhelming sound that has led him straight to the top over the past two decades. The record opens with 'Like a Wolf': broken drum beats, sharp hats, FM basses and dynamic white noise drones whose energy never falters throughout the track. 'Horses', the second track, gives the record its name and offers intricate rhythm programming, dark atmospheres and acid sounds that, as a whole, create a mental and hypnotic feeling. The closing track is 'In a Silent Way', which runs along similar lines to the previous two, but with less BPMs and with an obsessive sequence that mutates and develops throughout the track leaving the listener with a Mills aftertaste, but with a Berliner touch. Three modern techno tracks that will please to fans of the purest techno.