Synchronous Rotation

Oscar Mulero

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 21st 2011


A1Tidal Acceleration5:41
B1Orbital Resonance5:41

Pole Recordings reaches its number 10 release; a work by Oscar Mulero. For this record, Oscar has chosen to go for a more mental and elaborate kind of techno, lowering the BPMs and softening his sound. 'Tidal Acceleration' is a deep techno track: controlled beats and sub bass frequencies as the main stars, the analogue bleeps are an essential part of the arrangement that evolves and changes constantly, making it ideal for detailed listening while working the dance floor too. 'Orbital Resonance' is in the same vein, this time with more emphasis on the percussive work and a more dynamic programming. The bleeps are again a fundamental part of the arrangement as well as noisy environments and bass arpeggios. 'Rotation' is closer to Oscar's classic sound: harder rhythmic workout, aggressive bass and a more combative approach. A scientific techno record that has been crafted to the slightest detail. This release shows, once again, that this veteran producer is in top shape and places him among the elite of international electronic dance music.