Enemies of the Indestructible EP

Exium / Reeko

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 29th 2012


A2Zero SummingExium5:18
B1Electrica PhenomenaReeko6:26
B2Emission of Electrons of a SurfaceReeko4:55

Our new release is a back to back venture between Exium and Reeko. The A side is the duo's territory. 'DragN' starts with a sharp beat that soon becomes infected by synthesized drones moving through the stereo and bell like sounds with hypnotic sequencing. This track means a departure from the classic Exium sound, where lower tempos and less aggressive sounds take control. The second track, 'Zero Summing', dives into broken rhythms and deeper atmospheres, with drones and white noise sweeps that fight all over the arrangement to create a claustrophobic feel. On the B side, Reeko provides 'Electrical Phenomena'. Analogue drums start the affair till the 808 sub kick appears, moving to the lower frequencies. Clear and precise hats help moving the groove and high frequency sweeps, whilst resonant textures take over the arrangement from minute 2 onwards. Noises evolve and transform during the whole track, changing pannings and frequency. 'Emission of Electrons of a Surface' closes the release. Dark and deep drums as cleverly programmed as ever, running on an infinite loop salted with bleeps and microtextures that lay under the ominous rhythm. An intelligent approach to techno from this two veterans; a slower beat and less but nevertheless excellent ingredients to make brain activating beats for the risky clubs from all over space.