A Sensible Alternative to Emotion


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 20th 2013


02Massless Particle
03Parallel Computing
04Absolute Magnitude
07Cimmerian Trail
10The 12th Planet

'A Sensible Alternative to Emotion' is the second full length album by the Spanish techno duo Exium. More than ten years in the business confirm them as one the fundamental combos of European techno. We have the pleasure of presenting a new step in sound design: ten tracks that show a new twist in their style, relaxing the frequencies and the tempos and departing from linear concepts. These offer a well balanced tracklist with ambient or near IDM experiments, dreamy or even melodic techno and their traditional obscure feeling. 'Dronid' is the starting point; dubby chords with endless delays, a slow BPM rate, clean analogue bleeps and subtle kicks make this track the perfect intro. 'Massless particle' follows again with a low rate speed, plucked FM sequences, delicate atmospheres, high frequency drones and tension till the full rhythm shows up in the middle of the arrangement. 'Parallel computing' is the perfect follower. Opaque filtered grooves, bright hats, subtle drones and dreamy synth melodies make this number a deep one. 'Absolute Magnitude' brings us the Exium trademark sound: obsessive, cyclical and industrial-like sequences and grooves that grow and mutate as the minutes go by. 'Biosh' keeps on beating. Sub bass workout, sweeps and digital textures: tension is the word for defining the feeling. Complex sci-fi techno. 'Dagma' acts like an interlude with its floating sub drones, digital clicks, heavy stereo pannings and synth toms that make the drums short and gothic. 'Cimmerial trail' is complex electronic music. A shuffled beat, mutated ambiences; strings and melodies fight a battle for the conquest of light and shadows. An emotional one. 'Novakron' investigates broken rhythms, call it post-dubstep, with a clever drum programming. Abstract filtered sounds and high pitched cosmic pads. 'Nucleoid' brings dance back with a return to concrete drums, multiple percussion layers, sweeps and ambiences laid over a non-stopping beat. Finally, 'The 12th Planet' is an arpeggiated sci-fi track, with an old school flavour that reminds us of the most mental Detroit producers, such as Mills or Hood. Ten tracks that bear witness to this duo's maturity. This is a handmade album that pays very much attention to details. With personal sound design and synthesis work. On good old plastic circles and downloadable data formats.