Electric Storm EP

Oscar Mulero

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 3rd 2014


A1Electric Storm6:12
A2Electric Stormremix Sigha6:07
B2Caveremix Tommy Four Seven5:10

We are back with our label's latest release, from none other than the label's boss Oscar Mulero and his piece 'Electric Storm'. This track was featured in digital format in the Unknown Landscapes compilation, and now we bring it to you on vinyl, together with two outstanding remixes by Sigha and Tommy Four Seven, and an additional track: 'Cave'. 'Electric Storm' is in its original version an exercise in tension made with continuous flanged sequences, subtle kicks and sharp high hats that evolve and change for all six minutes. A building tool perfect for long mixes and club workout. Sigha makes his own personal twist on 'Electric Storm' altering the main sequence, changing the drum patterns and redefining the overall feeling in his very own style. The result is dense and hypnotic. 'Cave' is the second original track. Subterranean kicks, reverberated FM percussions, high tempos and a constantly changing arrangement. This is another club tool designed for mixing wizards. To close the release, Tommy Four Seven destroys 'Cave' in his own personal style: taking some pieces from the original beat, completely deconstructing the drums, breaking the rhythms, giving an industrialized flavour to everything: metalizing, distorting and completely taking the elements to the extreme.