The Spelling EP

Birth Of Frequency / Zadig / Oscar Mulero

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 23rd 2016


A1The SpellingBirth Of Frequency6:39
A2The SpellingBirth Of Frequency remix Zadig6:54
B1GateBirth Of Frequency5:30
B2GateBirth Of Frequency remix Oscar Mulero5:22

We welcome Birth of Frequency back to our label, after his original appearance on our Unknown Landscapes series Volume 3, by Exium. Two original tracks of scientific and complex techno, plus two remixes by Oscar Mulero and Zadig. 'The Spelling' is a multilayered sequenced anthem made of countless synth sounds, a punchy kick and an hypnotic arrangement, for those heady moments on the dance floor. Paris techno founder Zadig remakes 'The Spelling'. He adds hypnotising, devastating drum machines and makes the synth line grow and disappear wisely. 'Gate' returns to medium tempos, fattens the sound and goes for a deeper discourse. A construction tool for clubby action. Oscar Mulero remakes 'Gate' by twisting it completely, adding random step sequences and harmonies, giving the kick a secondary role, and focusing on the essence of the groove.