Final Sickness [Remastered 2017 / full colour sleeve]

The Mover

Record label
Planet Phuture
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 25th 2019


A1Comet's Swarm Rising3:13
A2Back Into the Circle1:49
A3World Downfall1:51
A4The Emperor Takes Place2:44
A5Impact (Western Wars)1:19
B1Impaler II (The Pentagram)3:13
B2The Conspiracy2:29
B4Signals of Hope2:52
B5Changing Platforms2:56

'The Final Sickness', originally released in 1993, is another The Mover masterpiece and its ten tracks transmit a crunchy thick and cold tone. Edging to a rather industrial side of the techno spectrum, the PCP-spirit is carried throughout the release. Every piece plunges to the bottom of darkest depths without remorse, leaving no space for the mild-mannered music lover. An eerie blend of hefty, yet intellectual 909 beats and chewy analog synths unite this collection of gems. Haunting sequences, spooky effects and tough drums create an extraordinary venture for your deepest senses! If you've been into productions by the Mover and Planet Core Productions, you may just experience the pinnacle of his intensity with The Final Sickness. It can't get more PCP than that!