Rise Of The Machines

David Meiser / Mik Izif / Elektrabel

Record label
Physical Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 22nd 2014


A1Rise Of The MachinesDavid Meiser8:07
A245 RPM Locked Groove 1David Meiser0:43
A345 RPM Locked Groove 2David Meiser0:43
B1Rise Of The MachinesDavid Meiser remix Elektrabel6:13
B2Rise Of The MachinesDavid Meiser remix Mik Izif6:00
B333 RPM Locked Groove 1David Meiser0:29
B433 RPM Locked Groove 2David Meiser0:29

Famous Berliner Deejay David Meiser is a rare artist on Vinyl. Physical invite him here to play his Hard Techno Nachstrom and Berlin style... And remixes it in a Broken Perc style... Superb tunes bringing also Locked groove to honour that 10th realese on the center france indie label ! Bloody enjoy ! Masterpiece !