Life Cycle

Medison & Ruckspin feat. Rider Shafique remix Quantum Soul

Record label
Pressed Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 11th 2016


A1Life Cycle (Original Mix)Medison & Ruckspin feat. Rider Shafique6:06
B1Life Cycle (Quantum Soul Remix)Medison & Ruckspin feat. Rider Shafique remix Quantum Soul6:10

After a short radio silence, Pressed Records is back to proudly present you the 'Life Cycle' EP produced by common sound travellers Medison & Ruckspin. Their joint-effort has resulted in an earth-rattling production that is blessed by powerful lyrics from DEEP MEDi-affiliate Rider Shafique and a must-hear remix by Quantum Soul. Rider Shafique spills his wisdom on the mystical endeavour 'Life Cycle', containing sediment that drags listeners into the fundamental exploration of his powerful penmanship. Every word falls into place when Medison & Ruckspin, known for their breath-taking audio design, deliver their darkest interpretation to date, all for this long- awaited Pressed release.The London-based musicians strike by eclipsing vibration and time with an authentic half-step anthem. They have carefully synthesised a jam that builds up and releases tension through perfectly crafted words, sharp percussion and the mind-opening message. The experience that is ultimately established successfully captures a reflection on life and futuristic dubstep music. Quantum Soul's reinterpretation steers into a more sophisticated dub avenue full of wobbles, delayed elements and a wall of sub debris. This even darker outfit showcases the producer's ability to recreate an anthem of his own. The superb FX programming, peaking drum work and shuffling basslines noose effortlessly.Subsonic frequencies, mouth-watering effects and lean strings sonically enrich both tracks making up this twelve-inch record. It collectively allows minds to tune in at the right frequency with the help of Rider Shafique's lyrical wisdom, Medison & Ruckspin's feel for music building and Quantum Souls reinterpretation skills. With the next record nearing with the speed of light, just try and keep up with these future- bounding frequencies. We at Pressed Records are ready to fully announce our 12th release!