Wonder For Reason


Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 1st 2010


A1Wonder For Reason

The creme de la creme of hardcore dnb rises it ugly head once again.. and this time Donny steps up with 2 of the sickest hardsteppin dnb tracks of the year. Not played out and battered for years and years no this one is fresh n fucked up to the bone! Wonder for reason shows the Donny sound ever so perfect. Destructive snares, Exploding kicks and a sub bassline that'll rattle everything off the ceiling.. Keeping it rollin but allso keeping it brutal is something Donny does best and this could probably be his best work to date! Flip the disc over for even more Donny terror and a even heavier slab of filth.. Sabotage has crossover written all over it... With its steady kicks it could easily be a tune of the hardcore people out there to bring some diversity to their sets! Again the PRSPCT flagship delivers! heavy, hard and most inportantly.. FRESH!