Sezon / Teran


Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 13th 2011



PRSPCT is the ruler of hard edged drumnbass and once again labelboss Trasher is on top of the game! COOH is a relatively new to the scene, but has so many hits on his name lately you would think he is one of the veterans. Can't here any hard dnb dj play out without several COOH monsters in the set. SEZON Starts of the classic 4x4 hardcore gabber kick, soon filled with snares and even more bass! Bounce bounce bounce on this one! TERAN will gice you the creeps. The Hororesque intro falls into a screeching sound edited perfectly in the beat. Bats flying all over the cave. Top class production, and devastating on the dancefloor! Supported by everybody.