Arsch Noisyum / Dirty Hand Of Gandolf

The Limewax / Goldberg Variations vs. Gancher & Ruin

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 25th 2014


A1Arsch NoisyumThe Limewax6:34
B1Dirty Hand Of GandolfGoldberg Variations vs. Gancher & Ruin3:44

This is not just another awesome 12" release.. Hell no this is a fucking masterpiece!!! On the A side we have the track Arsch Noisyum by The Limewax. Wondered where the amens in drum & bass went to? Here they are extra hard and heavy right in your fucking face. BAM!!! Limewax so hard on top of his game.. We just had to ad "The" to his name! On the flip we have an all star collaboration by Goldberg Variations vs Gancher & Ruin called Dirty Hand Of Gandalf. This release has no B side. this track is AA all the way. Another broken beat smasher making this 12" a must have for anyone with the slightest bit of good taste!!