Rampage EP


Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 7th 2010


A1RampageMeth & Audio
D1The VacantsMeth

PRSPCT is THE heavyweight label of the moment.. Not just for skullcrackling hardcore crossover sounds but also for the relentless Tech sounds of today.. And this EP is the epitome of just that. Ex The Sect member Meth is racking up a full scale release assault apon multiple labels with future tech sounds that take you back to those golden tech days of Konflict... and his PRSPCT debut isnt one to take lightly.. This Rampage EP is one of the most forward thinking packages of this decade. The A side holds the mighty title track RAMPAGE... Meth especially teamed up with none other then Audio for this vicious tune.. no use explaining the title cause this one is a stormer. Once the bassline drops itll feel like a bulldozer is running into your chest so make sure your ready for it... Flip it over for side B wich contains "Branch" a funked up roller that cant do any wrong when it comes to getting the crowd ready for the heavy stuff.. They dont make em like this anymore! Then off to disc 2 for A side no 2 aka side C.. "Narler" it doesnt get any more narlier then this dude! grab your bro's and get rowdy to this one.. The pounding subs and addictive techno bleeps are the ones to watch for this tune.. rock out with your cock out! Then off to the final side.. "The Vacants" is on a more jungle-ish vibe... rattling beats on a minimalistic tip! be sure to check it out! Again PRSPCT delivers a big EP specialised for the wrecking crew.. You can easily say that this label is caining the sound of hardness on a global scale!