The Nightmare Connector [printed gatefold / clear blue marbled vinyl / dl code]

DJ Hidden

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 21st 2019


A1The Controller5:41
B1Life Blocker5:40
B2Mind Prison5:14
C1The Haunting5:30
C2When You Wake Up5:25
D1The Nightmare Connector5:11
D2Signs Of A Time4:29

This is not just another drum & bass or crossbreed album.. Hell no.. This is a masterpiece by the master himself! The Nightmare connecter is DJ Hidden at his best. Dark, Beautiful, Atmospheric and at some points almost terrifying. But above all this record gets the blood boiling and rocks out hard as F***! The king is back and thank f*** for that. All Hail DJ Hidden!