Brain Cracklin

Various Artists

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 24th 2009


A1Brain CracklinMumblz & Gancher & Ruin
B1My HoleDub Elements
C1GuardianMumblz & Switch Technique

The Rotterdam PRSPCT Flagship has extended their wings with a LTD imprint that will knock your socks off! An Imprint to support all the new kids on the block with a dash of oldskool guidance to lead the way! And this EP embodies all of the above.. Mumblz, Gancher, Dereck, Dub Elements and Switch Technique are ready to mash things up like no one else did.. First up its Mumblz featuring Gancher with their tune Brain Cracklin.. No other words to descrive this piece of steady kickin filth then the title itself.. Get ready to be demolished by this sickening piece of variating Terror! The B side holds Dub Elements with a destructive tune called My Hole.. Boy what a piece of dirt this is.. If you havent heard of Dub Elements yet then get to know cause this will rock dancefloors all over the world! Plate 2 sees the return of mumblz but this time ganging up with Switch Technique! We've heard alot of good words about this guy and with tune he delivers again! BIG TIME! Time for some Acid, Techno, Core Terror.. If the dancefloor is still alive after this consider yourself lucky! The final side is done by newcomer Dereck.. His tune Apollo literally makes you feel your playing with the weight of the planet.. Dishing out blow after blow after blow sees Dereck taking on the heavyweightness with ease!